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by amanda marcotte

2014 will go down as the year anti-choicers' goal of ending legal abortion came within their grasp. It's also the year they opened up a new front in the "war on women" by starting preliminary legal attacks on contraception access. Image: Shutterstock...
From: RH Reality Check | By: Amanda Marcotte | Friday, December 19, 2014
It’s no secret that Dr. Oz is a loathsome person, particularly with his tendency to push weight loss “miracles” he openly had to admit in a Senate hearing are pure bullshit. But now his specific brand of evil has been quantified by scientists,...
From: The Raw Story | By: Amanda Marcotte | Friday, December 19, 2014
It’ll make them fussy to point this out, but it’s true: Whenever a conservative Christian claims that “God” says something, he’s speaking for himself. “God wants women to be housewives”, for instance, means, “I, the conservative Christian...
From: The Raw Story | By: Amanda Marcotte | Thursday, December 18, 2014
I’ve been following the increasing influence of “men’s rights” rhetoric—once relegated to the fringes—on mainstream conservatism with some interest and not a small amount of dread. The more traditional conservative argument against women’s...
From: The Raw Story | By: Amanda Marcotte | Wednesday, December 17, 2014