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by j.d. tuccille

Last month, the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General insisted, after a close look at manipulated and secret waiting lists at the Phoenix Veterans Health Administration facility, "we are unable to conclusively assert that the absence...
From: Reason | By: J.D. Tuccille | Thursday, September 18, 2014
Secession is a recurring theme in recent years. Remember all of those petitions to the White House to Let My People Go signed by ticked off residents of mostly red states, but some blue ones, too? Well, perhaps sparked by all of the debate leading to...
From: Reason | By: J.D. Tuccille | Friday, September 19, 2014
"Oh, you're doing that, too?," the building contractor asked when he walked in while my son was working on his Literature lesson. "My youngest daughter is taking high school online. They were bullying her at school." While he undid something interesting...
From: Reason | By: J.D. Tuccille | Thursday, September 18, 2014