Serendeputy - your personal news assistant.

Welcome to Serendeputy!

Serendeputy is your personal news assistant.

Your deputy:
- learns what you like and don't like,
- lovingly compiles a list of news and blogs for you.

You can help your deputy learn by searching, clicking links and pressing the little smiley faces.
How it works.

What to do:
  1. Click links to teach your deputy
  2. Click smileys and frownies
  3. Find favorite topics and sources
  4. See how much better your deputy is getting at finding you good stuff.
  5. Sign in for free to save your profile, or please tell me why you won't.
Serendeputy for Developers

I have a couple of APIs that I could open up to developers, if there's an interest. I'm using them internally, but I haven't hardened them yet. Here's what I'm thinking of releasing as an API.

  • Deputy access: I can recommend articles for a person based on their Serendeputy profile. This could allow you to direct people further into your site (or network of sites). I can scope this to whatever group of sites and topics you want.

  • Tokenizer/Categorizer: I wrote a custom tokenizer and categorizer for Serendeputy. I could expose this through an API to mark up arbitrary text.

Do either of these sound interesting to you? Drop me a line (jason at serendeputy) and let me know what you're thinking. I'm not going to do the work if no one wants to use it, but if people will make good use of the technology, I'm happy to open it up.