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Serendeputy is your personal news assistant.

Your deputy:
- learns what you like and don't like,
- lovingly compiles a list of news and blogs for you.

You can help your deputy learn by searching, clicking links and pressing the little smiley faces.
How it works.

What to do:
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Company Information

Serendeputy was founded in June 2008 by Jason Butler. It is privately-funded and privately-held. Serendeputy is based in Massachusetts. More background is on the About Serendeputy page.

You can find postings, comments and opinions on the Serendeputy blog, or on the @serendeputy Twitter feed.

Executive Contact Information

Jason Butler
jason at serendeputy
Jason Butler on LinkedIn

Jason Butler founded Serendeputy in mid-2008 to build out a product for himself and his wife that would take everything that's happening on the web and show him just the stuff he's interested in.

Jason has been working in the Internet space professionally since 1997, first as a project manager at the Cambridge-based startup, PlanetAll. After bought PlanetAll, Jason moved to Seattle to work as a program manager on the launch of Amazon's Toys and Consumer Electronics stores.

Moving back to Boston, Jason became Director of Product Development for Abuzz, a startup purchased by the New York Times Company.

After a year at Abuzz, Jason took a year off to volunteer and travel the world, building houses in New Zealand with Habitat for Humanity, teaching English in China, and trying to avoid getting eaten by lions in Tanzania.

Refreshed (and out of money), Jason went back to the New York Times Company, taking over online product development for BostonWorks, the Boston Globe's employment section. After building out into an award-winning website, Jason resigned to start his own community application, Life Times Voice.

After writing and launching the Life Times Voice application (since taken down, alas), Jason went back to and the Globe, taking over as Director of Marketplace Products. Later, Jason took on Local Search and Community, building and launching the Local Search application and setting up the hyperlocal initiative.

Now, he's back to the startup life.

Jason graduated from Syracuse University in 1994, magna cum laude with a B.S. In Operations Management. Jason graduated from Holliston (MA) High School in 1990.

Jason is 37 years old, and lives in Holliston, MA with his wife and two daughters.

Product Information is a personal news assistant that passively builds out interest profiles for its visitors and creates a dynamic homepage based on their interests. More on the About Serendeputy page and in the FAQ.

Serendeputy Publisher Services (SPS) opens up the personalization engine to publishers so that they can make more money by personalizing their readers' experiences. Publishers increase traffic and revenue by using Serendeputy to better merchandise the links on their homepage. Instead of having to show the same links to each visitor, the publisher can merchandise the links most likely to interest each individual visitor.

SPS is launching in Q4 2009 with a small set of beta customers. General availability is planned for early 2010.

Serendeputy Developer Services (SDS) is an open API and framework that lets developers make more money by integrating Serendeputy's personalization and librarian capabilities into their applications.

SDS is currently in alpha with a couple of pilot applications in development. Beta availability is planned for Q1 2010, maybe sooner.

Serendeputy Advertiser Services (SAS) is an open API and framework for trafficking advertisements anonymously to customers based on their permissioned profiles. is using an early version of this service, and I hope to have it available for more partners within the next few months.


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