Serendeputy - your personal news assistant.

Welcome to Serendeputy!

Serendeputy is your personal news assistant.

Your deputy:
- learns what you like and don't like,
- lovingly compiles a list of news and blogs for you.

You can help your deputy learn by searching, clicking links and pressing the little smiley faces.
How it works.

What to do:
  1. Click links to teach your deputy
  2. Click smileys and frownies
  3. Find favorite topics and sources
  4. See how much better your deputy is getting at finding you good stuff.
  5. Sign in for free to save your profile, or please tell me why you won't.
Serendeputy Publisher Services

If you are a major online publisher, you can make more money by better merchandising the content you already have.

Serendeputy can help.

Serendeputy's underlying personalization engine can work on your site, presenting your visitors with links based on what they've already read and rated.

I worked for years as a product executive for a major online publisher, so I know what your life is like, and what your challenges are. I've designed Serendeputy to slip into your site and workflow as seamlessly as possible. I won't give you the "just drop a line a javascript on your page and it's live!" line, but I have tried to build this to make implementation pretty painless.

I'm building out Serendeputy Publisher Services over the summer and the fall, launching with a limited group of launch partners in the fall. If you are interested in being one of the first publishers to be able to take advantage of this, please give me a call.

Jason Butler
jason at serendeputy