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Dallas police officer accused in neighbor's death is fired - Los Angeles Times
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Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig under scrutiny by prosecutors in offshoot of Mueller probe
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Debunking 5 Viral Rumors About Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s Accuser
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Tags: Christine Blasey Ford, Christine, Accuser, Rumors, Viral and 202 more
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McConnell says Senate will 'plow right through' to confirm Kavanaugh
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Tags: McConnell, Senate, Right, Kavanagh, Plough and 1 more
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Joe Percoco, Andrew Cuomo's former right-hand man, gets 6 years in prison
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Tags: Andrew Cuomo, 6 Years, Prison, Andrew, Cuomo and 271 more
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Philadelphia officials promise crackdown on Center City traffic scofflaws
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Tags: Philadelphia, Center City, Crackdown, Official, Traffic and 238 more
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