Different things break at different scales

Posted: 1 year ago

Hello again.

I’ve been heads-down this week working on stabilizing the document catalog, effectively tripling the size from 200,000 working documents to 600,000. Parts of the application performed fine; others broke loudly.

All part of the process, I suppose, but a little frustrating sometimes. I had ops “under control.” At least I’m back to some sense of stability again.

Also, I hate Unicode. The good thing is that :unicode.characters_to_list will return an error tuple that’s easy to match on, so I think I have this mostly under control.

I think alpha-3 is pretty much done. I hope to finish alpha-4 (more deputy/personalization tuning and scaling) next week, then beta-1 by the end of the month.

If you’re interested in the beta, follow me or follow @Serendeputy on Twitter. Or, drop me a note at jason at this domain.