About Serendeputy

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jason Butler, and I am the founder and proprietor of Serendeputy. Thanks for letting me share with you what I’m thinking and what I’m building.

What is Serendeputy?

Serendeputy is a personal newsfeed engine. It learns what you like and reads the open web to find what's most likely to interest you.

But, here’s what’s different. Unlike your favorite search engines and social networks, Serendeputy is entirely transparent, putting you in control, without all the stalking, surveillance and spam.

I've been working on the open web since 1997, and I'm trying to recreate (or reclaim, I suppose) its spirit. It was once fun for people to follow links and explore gardens outside the walls. I'm trying to design Serendeputy to encourage that exploration.

Plus, I should probably make money at some point. Rather than sell you out for a tenth of penny, I'm writing a set of pro tools to help you slice and dice the web like a chef, creating your own deputy to help you sort the universe. If you're an information maven and news junkie, like me, you'll get your $4.99/month's worth, I hope.

If nothing else, you'll feel good about supporting an independent business, fighting back ever so slightly against the Silicon Valley oligarchs and helping me build up the college fund for my daughters.

I may also put up a way for a person to "sponsor" a tag for a few bucks a week, where they can put up a message and point to something they find interesting. I may sponsor the Red Sox tag myself, just to put up a link showing how Mookie Betts is turning into Willie Mays. I'll keep my eye on this to make sure it doesn't turn spammy, and I won't sell you out -- it's just a billboard, no ad-tech.

What's next?

Serendeputy is currently in alpha, which means I’m still building out major parts of the system. Enough is in place that I wanted to have it out in public where people could play with it a little bit. Beta is coming soon.

If you’d like me to let you know when the beta is ready to play with, please drop me a line at [email protected] When I flip the switch, I’ll send you a note.

You can also follow Serendeputy on Twitter, or follow me personally.


Jason Butler
Concord, Massachusetts, USA
[email protected]