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Happy November

Fun with scaling, and other quick notes. -- Full Post
Posted: 7 days ago

Following many tags at once

How to follow many tags at one time -- Full Post
Posted: 1 month ago

Welcome to Beta Two

Some quick notes on the new release -- Full Post
Posted: 4 months ago

Closing in on Beta Two

Some notes from the home stretch of the race to Beta Two -- Full Post
Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Patriots’ Day!

A brief update on the state of the world as we approach Beta Two. -- Full Post
Posted: 7 months ago

February update

Quick update on what I've been working on behind the scenes -- Full Post
Posted: 8 months ago

Happy New Year and January update

So, what have I been doing? -- Full Post
Posted: 9 months ago

Beta tester update, 11/2/18 edition

What I've been doing. What I'm going to do. -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

Tag Bookmarks are live

Tag Bookmarks are an easy way to keep track of the sites, tweeters, feeds and tags you're most interested in. -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

Customer forum on Reddit

I've set up a subreddit for customers -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

How to connect a Phoenix app to an Elixir cluster

Geeky discussion of how I finally got the webserver talking to the main application. -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

Beta One

In which I describe the state of the application and invite you to give it a spin -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

Different things break at different scales

The joy of scaling. The pain of Unicode. -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago

Chapter One

A quick hello. -- Full Post
Posted: 1 year ago