Advertise on Serendeputy

Open and Honest. Serendeputy was built to honor the principles of the open web, and has only open and honest advertising. Serendeputy only places advertising against pages, never against people. There is never any adtech, tracking or selling data.

Audience. Reach sophisticated readers who are looking for the next great read or product.

Site Sponsorship. Prominent 100% placement on homepage and in daily emails.

Micro-targeting with Tag Sponsorship. Serendeputy has over 100 million specific tags, so we can find ones specific to your topics and the people you are trying to reach. 100% placement on tag pages and emails, and contextual placement on homepage and daily emails.

Creative. For each site and tag sponsorship, you can have a specific title, target url and descriptive copy. See the example book at the top of the machine learning page.

Deal terms. Tag sponsorships are available for 1, 4 or 13 week periods, and are exclusive for those times. During this time your ad will be permanently on the tag page and may show up contextually on homepages of people following that tag and in the relevant emails. All ads are subject to approval for relevance and quality. Payment is via credit card.

Next Steps: Please email jason at serendeputy with the tags you’re interested in and we will get started.