Bookmarks are live

Posted: 2 years ago

Hi everyone -

Serendeputy keeps articles (and all the associated tweeters, linkers, etc.) for a little more than a week. I want to keep it focused on the current open web.

I’ve had some customers ask for a way to keep articles in the system longer, so I’ve written a bookmarks feature to do that. This will keep articles in the system effectively forever.

To bookmark a document, click the attached bookmark icon. It will then turn red for you. Click it again to unbookmark it once you don’t want to keep it around anymore.

On every page, you will now see a tab that says bookmarks. On your homepage, this will show you all your bookmarks. If you’re on a tag page, it will show you all the bookmarks for that tag.

For now, I’ve put a limit of 75 bookmarks to prevent abuse. I’ll revisit this once it’s been in market for a while and I can see how people want to use it.

Bookmarks are a public gesture, so people will be able to see the articles you bookmark. You automatically follow the bookmark tag of any deputies you follow on the site. You can my list of bookmarks here

If you have any suggestions or requests, please drop me a line (jason at serendeputy).