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Posted: 4 years ago

Hi everyone -

I’m still in my little home office, building stuff with the children doing their homework a few feet away. I hope you are all doing ok in the madness that is 2020.

Today’s feature is pretty useful. I have “tags” that index articles across about 20 million topics, millions of sites, millions of tweeters, etc. You can always access these tags on the site, but I wanted to make it easy to get them in your inbox as well.

If you’re logged in, you’ll see a subscribe button on every tag page. If you subscribe to a tag email, you’ll get one email a day when there are new articles with that tag.

I have been using this mostly for tweeters who I know tweet out interesting links but who might get lost in the shuffle, and for domains that publish irregularly enough that I might not see them.

Anyway, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Thanks, Jason